Project details
The project aims and change the current perception of building to give it a more contemporary aesthetic and closer to the boldness of buildings that are part of the European district.

The project eliminates existing barriers with the public space (low walls, railings …), so that the new layout forms a more harmonious ensemble allowing not only the widening of public space, but also the organization of an entrance to the building with more green. A new attractive welcome.

In order to express the building as a whole, the project proposes a facade cladding in the lower part on existing brick walls with a system of powder coated aluminum tubes.

In order to accentuate the verticality and identify the building from the various points of view, two vertical strips made of black aluminum will be installed:
• one on the Rue du Trône on top of the entrance;
• and the second one on the Rue d’Idalie as a continuation of the railing that protects the terrace.

At the top of the banners is an inscription with the overall name of the building “Trône 100” according to a graphic charter defined for the whole of the external signage and interior.

Architects: Charles-Emmanuel Corbisier, Xenia Ogea, Steven Van Hoorde