The strategic set-up of your mission is the foundation of your project. If you don't have this information yet, we gather for you specific market trends and consumer’s insights. Then we build your strategic mapping, mixing an opportunities analysis, our strategic recommendation and the phygital integration. 
Brand & Identity

Brand experience design enables us to translate your brand guidelines into activable assets for a spatial and experiential integration. This key set-up for the mission can be accompanied by an experiential brand charter (including tone of voice requirements), to help you define your DNA into the physical and digital spaces.   
Spatial Design

Our pool of spatial architects and designers conceptualize the architecture of your project and its global design. They organize spaces, specify all technical furniture requirements, coordinate the works and relations with franchisees. We can also take on the interior design and the outdoor design. The phygital experience (technology and digital tools) is part of our mission offer as well.

This is one of our key competences for years. Flow management, visibility studies, design, signage permits, technical development of supports, coordination of contractors… We manage all the components of your signage policy from A to Z.