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MissionBranding, Spatial Design, Signage

Project details
The creation of the BON brand enabled the former Guapa restaurants (counter and dining room) to continue their activities without any link to the founding brand.

With this major new direction, the shareholders wanted to refocus on the brand's differentiating features, in a market dominated by the historic leader Exki, but also occupied by other major chains.
This rethinking was prompted by a desire to support the ambitious new development plan, with new categories of locations and the move out of Brussels.

The request:
To propose a global vision of identity (while obviously preserving the BON brand) by creating and producing the test restaurant on rue de l'Université in Brussels.

After a series of sessions and workshops with the teams, the project focused on all elements of the restaurant.
The new graphic expression of the brand, with a tone of voice applied to signs, windows, street signs, packaging uniforms and the guide book for digital tools and Instagram,
A special approach was taken to the composition of the menuboard, to support the sales/advice model of the teams offering juices linked to the customer's actual moment.
The creation also highlighted different moments in the offer: juice making, warm food and drinks, the "on the go" offer and the new offer: bulk.
The overall ambience also brought different consumption moments, from the window to the main room but also to the garden.

The project also demonstrated the application of the concept in the new areas designed by BON within the Inno/Galeria stores.