Project details
A fast-growing company specializing in materials recovery and the supply of building materials. Multiple buildings with different functions on the street, leading to confusion and misunderstanding of Amacro's overall offer.

Amacro needed a global vision of the site and the creation of a new commercial offer with a new identity.

In response to this demand, we created a global graphic charter, both for signage and for the integration of newly acquired companies, with modification of their logotypes (Lommat and Itterbeek).
We structured all the street signage by creating a system that enhances the brand, helps traffic flow, aids in understanding the offer, and integrates the new group companies.
We transformed an abandoned industrial building into a contemporary retail entity linked to the brand and the business.
We created two retail spaces, inside and outside.
And we combined the original architecture (respecting roof shapes and building size) with the brand's values and codes.