Whether you're an owner, a representative of an institution, a retailer or a shopkeeper, bringing your brand to life in the physical space represents a tremendous opportunity in terms of business and influence.

At You Studio, we love turning your challenges into strong commitments. And we do everything we can to stop you from going in circles, even if we need to change your vision to meet both your economic interest and customer’s satisfaction. From strategy to execution, from market research to spatial design, we put over 20 years of passion at your service.


  1. Expert: You Studio is the sum of knowledge and expertise accumulated since 2009 and a unique knowledge of the Belgian retail market.

  2. Visionary: You Studio has a vision, an ability to analyse the context and to understand the profound challenges of any project.

  3. Committed: You Studio is about moving the world forward, making it a better place to meet, eat, play, travel and work. Making it a great place to live.

  4. Passionate: You Studio is an energy that's impossible to suppress, that drives us to excel, to go the extra mile, it's our “reason why”.

  5. Rational: You Studio keeps its feet on the ground, to analyse the risks and to secure the options we choose, even if it means putting ourselves aside.


Martin d’Huart 🇧🇪
Industrial designer and project manager

Our swiss knife
Xenia Ogea 🇪🇸

Our spirit, based in Sevilla
Vivien James 🇫🇷
Interior architect and project manager

The boss (the real one)
Patrick Glauden 🇧🇪
Business strategist and communication

The man who never stops
Alec Bankhead 🇺🇸
Visual communication and digital designer

Our museum man
Viviana Garcìa 🇨🇴
Conception architect and spatial designer

Our positive woman
Pauline Aouari 🇫🇷
Spatial designer

Our thinker
Charles-Em Corbisier 🇧🇪
Architect and execution manager

Our protester
Dominique Vandendaele 🇧🇪
Interior architect and execution manager

Our teacher

Partners & best friends

They are true professionals, and we love to work together.

Vincent Lens,
Based in Brussels 🇧🇪
Communication expert

A communication expert who believes marketing needs strong, authentic storytelling. Vincent builds and manages production teams through his extensive network of partners to create content for your physical ecosystem. He also has a unique cocktail gig.
Daniel Kwintner,
Based in Japan 🇯🇵
Immersive scenography expert

Based in Japan, Daniel is an independent consultant and producer for the entertainment industry. His notable clients include NAKED Inc and Universal Studios Japan. His creative vision and strategic insights leave a lasting impact.
Marc Drion,
Based in Brussels 🇫🇷
Food & Beverage consultant

His career in major international groups has provided him with extensive operational experience. His project success stems from fostering strong, transparent, and trusting relationships.